Welcome to the University of Redlands!

Speaker_TomHoran_280.jpgI want to personally welcome you to the School of Business & Society at the University of Redlands. We want to ensure that you have a successful start of your educational journey. This page contains everything you need to prepare you for your first day of class, as well as resources you will need throughout your program. From Campus Services to our Study Abroad program, our staff members are here to provide support in order to help you succeed each step of the way.

Welcome to the Bulldog family!

Thomas A. Horan, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business & Society and H. Jess and Donna Senecal Dean's Chair

New Student Resources

This page offers a variety of links to help students navigate directly to information and services about classes, registration, advising, tech support, financial aid, and more.

Peregrine Onboarding Assessment FAQ’s

1. When will the new assessments begin?

The assessment will be made available at the beginning of your first course.

2. How do find the assessment?

You are automatically registered in the Peregrine Onboarding Assessment and can access it by logging into Moodle. In Moodle, please thoroughly review the Peregrine Inbound Exam registration instructions. You will need your student ID number to start the assessment. If you do not see your section listed on the Peregrine Inbound exam, email erik_maiershofer@redlands.edu to add it. You will not be permitted to register for the following semester until you have completed the assessment.

3. When do I take the assessment?

If you start your first course at the beginning of a semester you have the entire semester to complete the assessment. If you start with the second course in the semester you will have until the end of that course to complete the assessment. For example, new students starting in late October with the second course in the Fall semester must complete the assessment by December so they can register for the next semester that begins in January. New students who start with the first course in the Fall semester in September also have until December to complete the assessment. 

4. How do I take the assessment?

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive confirmation email with your link to take the exam online.

The Moodle course is a 0-unit course and it contains the information for the entrance assessment. There is no tuition required for the course.  

5. Am I being graded for the assessment?

This is not a pass/fail assessment and is not a prerequisite to entering our programs. There is no impact on any student based on how they perform on the assessment. It is merely a starting point from which we will be able to better measure how much you have learned in the program.

6. Why am I required to take this assessment?

This assessment is an academic requirement for all new students to evaluate their knowledge at the start of the program.