Your Life, on Schedule

Life is busy. Balancing priorities and fitting in a new 'To Do' item is always a challenge but let's be honest, you've probably been thinking about finishing your degree or returning to earn your MBA for a while now.

At the University of Redlands School of Business & Society, we'll prepare a personalized Schedule of Instruction for you, mapping out each course you'll need to get to the finish line and your degree. All you need to do is follow your Schedule, and register for two courses at a time, from the comfort of your home, and with access to student services advisors who can help if you need to change anything along the way. There is no waiting in line, wait-listing, or fighting to finish on time. As you complete your courses - a new one every 8 weeks- simply check them off of your Schedule of Instruction to see yourself moving closer and closer to your goal!

And, yes we know you have a life. You might have a family, a career, activities, hobbies or even vacation plans. A curriculum that requires you to attend class just one night a week, plus a personal Schedule of Instruction that includes the dates of every class and break, will allow you the freedom to keep living your life.

Below are links of sample schedules of instruction for each program in the School of Business & Society.

Sample Schedules of Instruction for Graduate Degrees
Master of Business Administration (10-month)

Master of Business Administration (12-month)

Master of Business Administration (18-month)

Master of Business Administration (24-month)

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