Shawntelle Bivens

Admissions Counselor for Multicultural Recruitment

Shawntelle Bivens


P: 800.455.5064

About Shawntelle 

Hometown: Redlands, CA 

California:  East, West, South and South Central Los Angeles; West Beach, Hollywood, Wilshire, Covina, West Covina and Santa Clara County (excluding San Jose).

Favorite day trip?
Forest Falls. It's only about 30 minutes away and is a great place for a short hike and adventure. 

Favorite emoji?
The laughing while crying emoji is the one I use the most because I'm usually laughing at everything.

If you could attend the University of Redlands, which major would you choose and why?
I would double major in Music and Business to fully enjoy my passion and to establish a business around it.