Kenley Jones

Sr. Associate Director of Admissions/Director of International Recruitment

Kenley Jones


P: 800.455.5064

About Kenley

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington


Favorite spot in Redlands?
Banned Skate Shop.

Which May term would you want to participate in?
The Palau trip. I learned about it from Professor Monty Hempel, who leads it. I’m a big fan of the Pacific Islands, with my connections to Hawaii and travel to the South Pacific. Tourism is necessary to keep these island countries afloat, but it also impacts the nation's resources and the environment. It’s a unique dilemma.

If you could attend the University of Redlands, which major would you choose and why?
International Relations, because after all, I’m in International Admissions. To this day, I believe that travel is my greatest teacher.