John Peale '04

Admissions Counselor

John Peale


P: 800.455.5064

About John

Hometown: Long Beach, CA


California: Ontario, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, South Bay and Long Beach.

Out of State: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Best place to eat in Redlands?
If I am going out with friends, I would have to say "Jerseys Pizza." The smell will bring back memories of your favorite pizza place back home. Plus, the food is amazing! A little Redlands trivia: Jerseys has a pizza called "The Gay 90s," which was adopted from another (no longer open) pizza place in town that Glen and Les Charles, University of Redlands 1965 and 1971, used as their inspiration for their television show Cheers.

Which May Term would you want to participate in?
I took a class at Redlands called "Coaching Team and Individual Sports" that was awesome. If I did May Term now, definitely a travel course. I would like to take University Chaplain John Walsh’s  class, "Retracing the Path of the Civil Rights Movement."  I love U.S. History and taking a class taught by John Walsh in one of his passions would be awesome!

If you could attend the University of Redlands, which major would you choose and why?
I did attend the University of Redlands and graduated with a bachelor's in History in 2004. My advisor was James Sandos, who is an awesome history professor. Two classes I would recommend are his "Vietnam War History" class and Larry Burgess’ "Redlands History" class. (If you have room in your schedule, take one of those.) I also played four years of football for Head Coach Mike Maynard.