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Ensuring the gift of a Redlands education

"It takes a noble person to plant a tree that will give shade to those he or she will never meet."
David Elton Trueblood (1900-1994)

The long-term financial strength and vitality of the University is based on the continued growth of the University’s endowment.  Endowment serves many purposes. It underwrites scholarships and loans, faculty teaching and research, departmental support, and special projects. It helps all students by making it possible to set tuition at a level below what would be necessary to cover the true cost of a Redlands education.  Because our endowment is invested for long-term growth, it gives Redlands a generous measure of financial stability today, tomorrow and for all time.

At many universities and colleges, the size of the endowment is about institutional prestige and less about the students served by the gifts.  At Redlands, growing our endowment is very focused—we want to provide the best possible experience for our students by ensuring the quality of the education.  You can help.  Your gift to the endowment will have an impact today, tomorrow and for all time.

Whether through a current gift or one planned through your estate, making the decision to invest in our endowment is one of the most generous and forward-thinking ways possible to help generations of students for years to come. 

Endowment ensures

As with gifts to support capital projects, a gift to create an endowment fund typically is larger and paid in installments. Depending on the type of endowment created, certain minimum gifts are necessary. These minimums range from as little as $20,000 for a Redlands Fund endowment up to $2 million or more for an endowed faculty chair. 

Endowment FAQs 

For more information about you can make a gift to ensure the gift of a Redlands education for all time, please contact Ray Watts, CFRE, Associate Vice President for Development at or (909) 748-8358

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The Sustainable University of Redlands Farm (SURF) is a natural farm in its beginning stages, but already grows and sells fresh vegetables to Bon Appetit, the food management company on campus.

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