Support Redlands

What Can I Give To?

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There are a variety of opportunities available for our donors to impact areas that reflect their personal interests or passions— whether your desire is to support the greatest needs of the campus via the Redlands Fund, support new construction or perhaps an area of academic interest.

Redlands Fund

You can make an undesignated gift to the Redlands Fund, which will be directed towards the area of greatest need, or there are also many opportunities within the Redlands Fund to give to specific areas of campus. Some of the most popular are:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Athletics
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Salzburg and Study Abroad
  • Specific academic departments
  • School of Music, School of Education and School of Business
  • Armacost Library
  • Student Life

Contact Patience Boudreaux, Director of Annual Giving, with specific designation inquiries at (909) 748-8354 or  

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