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The Power of the Redlands Fund

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Alumni, parents and friends play instrumental roles in the success of the University of Redlands today. Their loyal support of the Redlands Fund is a powerful vote of confidence in the ongoing value of a Redlands education. Providing much needed financial flexibility in an ever-changing world, gifts to the Redlands Fund sustain and support our students today through essential scholarship funds, academic and student life resources, and the dedication of faculty.

Redlands Fund gifts pack impressive philanthropic power and advance the University’s vitality, diversity, and quality by supporting key priorities. These gifts have an increased benefit to Redlands because they are put to work immediately. And consider this: an annual gift of $100 has the same spending power as the earnings from a $2,000 endowment. The power of your individual gift is then multiplied when it is combined with the gifts of thousands of other donors who make the same choice to support Redlands.

The Redlands Fund is an annual fundraising priority because of the vital role it plays in providing the university with the resources and flexibility needed to meet the needs of the campus and today’s students. Here are a few examples of the impact to the student experience Redlands Fund donors have each year:

  • Donors to the Redlands Fund directly invest in students by helping provide more than 85% of current students with scholarships and grants
  • You provide funds for local, national and international service learning opportunities, helping current students serve more than 100,000 hours each year
  • You support new faculty, research opportunities for existing faculty, and resources for academic departments
  • Redlands Fund gifts supply resources for the Armacost Library, including new books, scores, DVDs, CDs, and subscriptions to over 18,000 electronic and print journals each year
  • Redlands Fund gifts make possible our goal of living/learning communities by helping us to invest in residence halls and student living experiences.
  • Redlands Fund donors make possible funding for student leadership and involvement opportunities like ASUR
  • Redlands Fund giving helps to sustain and enhance institutional infrastructure, campus safety and technology through annual¬†derferred maintenance of the campuses. ¬†

Because of the multiplying effect of Redlands Funds gifts, gifts of all sizes have a broad impact on the University, helping ensure that it remains as powerful today as it was 10, 50, 100 years ago. To reflect your area of interest, it is possible to designate a gift to the Redlands Fund for scholarships, the study abroad program, including Salzburg, or athletics and many more.

To learn more about the Redlands Fund, please contact Molly Widdicombe, Director of Annual Giving at (909) 748-8381 or

Your gift makes a difference for current students!

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