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A gift of the heart

Todd Lightbody and Connie Shattuck met while taking a class during their undergraduate years at the University of Redlands in the late 1960s. They started talking “in between” their class meeting times, and the rest, as they say, is history. While enjoying their respective careers in insurance and education, Todd and Connie Lightbody have remained loyal donors and committed volunteers to the University of Redlands. They have served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, led the Orange County Alumni Club, organized service opportunities for Bulldogs in Service, served on the President’s Circle Leadership Committee and more.

Now retired, in October 2010 the couple made a gift of over $100,000 to establish the Todd L. and Constance S. Lightbody Endowed Scholarship. Proceeds from the endowment’s earnings will be awarded each year to undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated financial need and are in good academic standing.

“Todd and I agreed that Redlands was a big part of our life—a good experience all around—and was important to us,” Connie said recently. “We are hoping to help other students have that same kind of experience.” The first Lightbody Scholarship was awarded to Kathleen Porter, a Class of 2013 candidate. Kathleen is from Arvada, Colorado, is majoring in business, and is a community assistant in Grossmont Hall.

On a recent visit to Redlands from her home in Washington state, Connie had a chance to meet Kathleen. “It was great to meet Kathleen, she is an interesting and lovely girl, and I am excited that she is the student who is receiving the scholarship.”

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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