Non-Approved Program Request Process

University of Redlands students are only permitted to enroll in a program formally approved by the Office of Study Abroad, which they can review through the online portal. Students interested in enrolling in programs not on the approved list can take a leave of absence from the university and participate in these programs independently though they should be aware of the academic and financial consequences of any such decision.

On limited occasions, students may be granted permission to study abroad through an unapproved program.  In their non-approved program request essay, they must explain and justify why no program on the approved list satisfies their academic, intellectual, and personal goals and how the program for which they are requesting permission does.  A Study Abroad Committee will review all applications and approve or deny the requests.

In order to make a request for a non-approved program, students must first still select an alternative program from the approved list via the online portal and complete the general study abroad application process. Students should consider this second choice program carefully as this is the program to which they will be accepted/denied should their non-approved request be unsuccessful.  After completing the online application they then must complete the non-approved request form composed of an essay of 800 words.  Students are also required to discuss their request with their academic advisor before submitting the form.  The completed form and attached essay should be e-mailed to Melissa Modesitt, Study Abroad Program Coordinator at The Study Abroad Office will inform students of the status of their requests once the Committee has come to their decisions.

Request Deadline: December 1, 2018