The Curriculum

Courses taught by our own professors explore intellectual and cultural history as revealed in literature, art and music. Insights thus gained are enriched by tours with the faculty through Austria, Italy and the Balkans.

GERMAN 101s, 201s, 350s INTENSIVE GERMAN 4 Units

This course will introduce you to the basic elements of the German language and grammatical structure while developing a core vocabulary of words and phrases which you may use in daily living activities in Salzburg. Your study in German will include exercises in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and even singing. Differences in learning styles, customs, and traditions between Americans, Austrians, Germans, and other European cultures will be discussed as appropriate to course content.

SALZ 250 THE SITES AND SOUNDS OF SALZBURG: Engaging with the Visual and Performing Arts in Europe 4 Units LAF: CP

Students engage personally in the performance of classical music as well as its history and context, the creation of visual art and its development throughout European history, and the understanding of architecture as a reflection of the European ideal. Presents in a unique manner the expansive European culture of classical music, art and architecture blending concerts, museum study, and excursions in Salzburg and to selected European cities.


This course is designed to introduce students to the history, culture and economics of Austria and its place in Europe from early settlement to the present day. We will study Austria's role in the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, World Wars I, II, the Soviet Empire and Austria's eventual membership in the European Union. Extensive travel around Austria, Europe and the Balkans compliments in-class work.


As a part of the Austria in Europe course, students will complete 20 hours of community service. Students can fulfill their CSAC graduation requirement through this element of the course.


Each semester, a University of Redlands professor from will visit Salzburg and teach an intensive, four week Special Topics Course, that is integrated into the curriculum of the Salzburg Semester.

MUSP 350s.01 APPLIED MUSIC (CR/NCR only) 4 Units

Music majors can elect to take this course. The music major can enrich their musical experiences in Salzburg by being tutored in their applied lessons by a member or associate of the world famous Mozarteum faculty.

The opportunity to audition for full inclusion in the Mozarteum does exist for the serious music student with appropriate language and music skills and full backing of their University. Admission into the Mozarteum is the sole province of the Mozarteum itself, and can be finalized only in Salzburg by a student satisfying the audition and exam requirements administered by the Mozarteum staff. If accepted, the student would adapt to the calendar and curriculum of the Mozarteum and such involvement would likely come at the expense of involvement in any of the field experiences of the regular Salzburg Semester program.

Optional Elective

Students are offered the additional opportunity to enroll in an elective Physical Education Activity Course (SALZ 0RZ) called Austrian Outdoor Experience. The course involves regular fitness training and engagement in typical Austrian sports such as skiing, mountaineering, bicycling, hiking, and rock climbing.