Smith Family Study Abroad Aid Grant

The Smith Family Study Abroad Aid Grant seeks to help students with the additional costs of study abroad, such as airfare to and from the country of destination; local transportation costs for rail, bus or other program-related activities while abroad; the cost of textbooks, Visas or other travel-related expenses that are necessary for, and contribute to, the study abroad experience.



To be considered for this grant, an applicant must:

·        Be approved to participate in a recognized Semester Abroad program

·        Have demonstrated financial need as established by FAFSA

·        Be in good standing, and remain so up to the time of program enrollment, with the Dean’s Office and Student Life

·        Student Account balance must be cleared through payment plan or payment in full

·        Complete the attached application and Statement of Purpose 

Post-Travel Requirement

Travel grant recipients are required to write a summary of how the scholarship funds impacted their study abroad experience and its educational value within 45 days of completing their semester abroad.




Applications will be available by December 15, 2017


Repayment Policy

Students who do not accept the award or who are not admitted into an approved program cannot defer the grant to another academic year. They must reapply for the grant. Failure to satisfactorily complete the study abroad program and post-travel requirement may result in grant funding being revoked and repayment may be required.