May Term Travel Courses 2018

Cambodia — AST 250: Service in Cambodia

Faculty: Lawry Finsen

Guatemala — CDIS 260: Guatemala: Service-Learning in Language, Culture, and Education

Faculty: Barbara Conboy

Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains — CHEM 360: Mile-High Chemistry

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

Panama — EVST 350: Environmental Design Studio II: PanaMapping, Geodesign to Conserve the Rainforest

Faculty: Dan Klooster and Tim Krantz

Italy — PHYS 108: Galileo's Italy

Faculty: Tyler Nordgren

Palau — EVST 281: The Palau Expedition: Sustaining Life on a Blue Planet

Faculty: Lei Lani Stelle

Italy — SPRO 360: Travelers at a Crossroads: Migration and Identity in Sicily

Faculty: Leo Rowland and Susan Goldstein

Salzburg, Austria — Poli 365: Perception and Power: The Intersection of Art and Politics

Faculty: Renee Van Vechten

US South — REL 160: Retracing the Path of the Civil Rights Movement

Faculty: John Walsh

Washington, D.C. — POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington, D.C.

Faculty: Greg Thorson and Graeme Auton

Salzburg, Austria — ENGL 262: Timescapes

Faculty:  Sharon Oster

Paris — SOAN 331: Consuming Paris

Faculty: Sara Schoonmaker

SWAZILAND — PHIL 122: Global Medical Ethics

Faculty:  James Krueger and Eric McLaughlin

SOUTHERN EUROPE - JNST 000G: Outdoor Adventure

Faculty: Andrew Hollis