Piano Camp Media

Piano Camp 2016 Performance Celebration
The final event of the week is a complete performance of the various- sized ensembles that have been rehearsing for a short five days. The Frederick Loewe Auditorium is overflowing with families and friends to see each group, by age, get taller and taller as the recital progresses.

Piano Camp 2016 Documentary Film
"If My Friends Could See Me Now..." presents an inclusive look at the vast array of skills, explorations and just plain fun. Forty-two participants from 11 to 19 spent five great days together this summer. The week was capped by a 2-hour presentation to parents, families and friends.

Piano Camp 2015 Documentary Film
The student-made (Multimedia Class) documentary of Piano Camp 2015 shows the wide variety of explorations, skills and performance opportunities. There is simply nothing like it anywhere for variety, high interest level and just plain fun!"

Piano Camp 2014 Performance Celebration
A showcase concert featuring the 2014 camps piano ensembles, collaborative partnerships, harpsichord, and dance.

Piano Camp 2013 Documentary Film

Performance Celebration for Piano Camp 2013, Part 1
Performance Celebration for Piano Camp 2013, Part 2