Redlands Youth Orchestras


The mission of the Redlands Youth Orchestras is to challenge the young instrumentalists of our region through string or full orchestra repertoire. By participating in one of our three orchestras, students have the opportunity to meet other students, play quality music literature, and strengthen overall musicianship skills. 


Membership into any of the RYO ensembles is determined by an entrance audition. To be eligible to audition, the students must be a part of their school orchestra or band (if one is available). Schools that do not have music programs or home-schooled students are eligible to audition.

Honor Orchestra Students:
String players who have participated in the San Bernardino County or All Southern Honor Orchestras of the previous school year are guaranteed acceptance into one of the three RYO Orchestras depending on their audition.

Redlands Youth Orchestras Audition Requirements
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Woodwinds & Brass

Redlands Youth Symphony Audition Excerpts


Prelude Strings
Kaylene Pecora, conductor
Rehearsals: Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30pm

Prelude Strings is a preparatory ensemble for students either with limited or no previous experience playing in a group situation. The repertoire consists of a variety of classical works which are chosen to progressively advance the level of the ensemble during the course of the year. The student should read music well and have knowledge of basic rhythmic figures and counting. There is no age or grade level requirement but prospective students are expected to audition for acceptance.

Redlands Sinfonia
Matthew O'Rane, conductor
Rehearsals: Tuesdays from 6:15 to 7:45pm

Redlands Sinfonia is the mid-level ensemble of the Redlands Youth Orchestras serving as a bridge between Prelude Strings and the Redlands Youth Symphony. Students in Sinfonia will study and perform string orchestra repertoire with a focus on developing skills in musicianship, concert etiquette, and playing technique through ensemble rehearsal and performance. Students are encouraged to practice their parts diligently and seek out assistance from our CSMA tutors or their private teachers to maximize the time during our rehearsals. Sinfonia students will be pushed to develop independence and maturity in performance in preparation for future involvement in Sinfonia and promotion to RYS.

Redlands Youth Symphony
Todd Montemayor, conductor
Rehearsals: Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30pm

The Redlands Youth Symphony (RYS) is the advanced level ensemble of the Redlands Youth Orchestras. Students in RYS will study and perform difficult repertoire for full or string orchestra. Clear and focused tone and precise intonation is expected. All string students should be comfortable playing well in several positions with good intonation and technique. Wind and brass students should have a strong command of their instrument's range and understand their unique pitch tendencies in different registers. Through rehearsal and coaching, students will expand their dynamic range and be pushed to produce high quality performances.

Tuition for each ensemble is $70 per semester (September-December and January-April). No registration fee.

Register for an Audition
Auditions for Redlands Youth Symphony will take place on August 30th for woodwind and brass students and on September 6th for string students. Click here to complete the online registration form (

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