Lunch & Learn at the School of Education

The School of Education Lunch & Learn is a series that aims to provide an out-of-classroom experience on a wide range of topics.

When: Noon

Where: University Hall, Multipurpose Room


Lunch will be provided. Vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free diets will be accommodated. If you have any other restrictions or allergies please contact  





January 17, 2018  

Dr. Pauline Reynolds  with Sara DeMoss

Super higher education: The role of professors in comic-books, 1938-2016


Comic book narratives and comic book heroes dominate aspects of pop culture. Over the last decade, recent movies featuring The Hulk, Thor, Avengers, and Spiderman, feature professors working with or against superheroes. In this presentation, Dr. Pauline Reynolds and Ed.D. student Sara Durazo-DeMoss examine the original depictions of comic book professors through an analysis of their representations in comic books from 1938-2016.

February 28, 2018  Dr. Matt Witenstein with students Julio Omier & Heather Johnson

Part I: Sense of Belonging of Immigrant Students in US Higher Education

Part II: Making College Student Equity Programs More Equitable 

March 28, 2018

Dr. Janee Both-Gragg


 The Business of Mental Health Advocacy and the Scholarship of Engagement: Decreasing Stigma and Discrimination using SAMHSA's Eight Domains of Wellness
May 23, 2018 Dr. Nicol Howard EdTech Leaders’ Beliefs about Computer Science Education in K5 Classrooms
June 20, 2018 Dr. Alayne Sullivan