Breakout Sessions

The Festival mission is to carry on Charlotte Huck’s life work of bringing children and quality books together to develop readers who will find a lifetime of pleasure in reading good books. Focusing on children's literature for grades K-8, the Festival features small group presentations by educators, librarians, authors, illustrators, editors and scholars. There are sessions geared to the interests of primary grades, middle grades, librarians, parents, and aspiring writers/illustrators.





  1. Marsha MacLean, Heather Novinger and their third grade students from Cram have been studying the work of James Ransome. Now they have the opportunity to meet with the favorite author/illustrator and share the their learning and artwork in LEARNING AS A SLAVE: THE ALPHABET AS ABOLITIONIST
  2. R. W. Alley, Jennifer Pryor and first grade students from Yucaipa share 60 YEARS OF MARMALADE, a Paddington celebration:
  3. Fifth students from Cram Elementary School have been studying the work of Sy Montgomery. Now they have an opportunity to meet with her and share ideas on CONNECTIONS WE SHARE with our fellow creatures.
  4. In WRITING FROM THE HEART: USING HEART MAPS TO INSPIRE WRITING Georgia Heard introduces you to her unique Heart Mapping strategy that will open all writers’ hearts and inspire them to discover the stories and poems that matter.
  5. Paul Von Drasek discusses CHILDREN’S PUBLISHING and what happens behind the scenes.
  6. Marilyn Carpenter shares THE 2018 CHARLOTTE HUCK AWARD FOR FICTION AND ORBIS PICTUS AWARD FOR NON-FICTION.  Marilyn will discuss the criteria for the awards and book talk all of the 2018 winning titles which include the award winners, honor books and recommended titles.
  7. DIVERSITY IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE, an Interactive discussion about representation in children’s books and how they break down or, unfortunately, reinforce stereotypes (walls) with JaNay Brown-Wood and Gayle Pitman. JaNay Brown-Wood is the author of award winning Imani’s Moon and Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting Story . Gayle Pitman is author of This Day in June, When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a Community and Feminism from A to Z.
  8. Rozanne Williams will lead A CELEBRATION OF READING IN THE K-2 CLASSROOM, focusing on ways to help beginning readers love reading and literature. She will provide a hand-out with practical ideas plus a free book. Rozanne Williams is the author of the Learning to Read Boxes Jump Into Reading, Jump Along in Reading, and Jump Ahead in Reading,
  9. Erin Dealey returns with (MORE!) FLUENCY GAMES, SONGS AND LITERACY ACTIVITIES featuring sentence fun, grammar games, kinesthetic fluency activities, songs, and other great for classrooms and Literacy Nights. Erin Dealey’a newest books are K is for Kindergarten and Babies Come From Airports.

Friday, 2:30-3:30

  1. Students from Kingsbury Elementary school studied EVERYDAY HEROES and meet with author Marc Tyler Nobleman to discuss their work.
  2. Actor, author and Redlands native (and U of R graduate) Eric Pierpoint delves into action adventure and historical fiction for Middle Grade readers with LIGHTS, ACTION AND HISTORY. Eric Pierpoint is the author of The Last Ride Of Caleb O’Toole and The Secret Mission Of William Tuck.
  3. Kristen Sipper-Denlinger and Nancy Brashear present LEAPING INTO LITERATURE CIRCLES. This “flipped-classroom” model allows students more autonomy in their learning, while giving them an opportunity to explore the text in a variety of ways
  4. Lisa Cline-Ransome presents TURNING THE PAGE ON HISTORY focusing on the books Before She was Harriet, Words Set Me Free, Light in the Darkness, Freedom’s School and Whale Trails.
  5. Kris George, Kathi Appelt and Georgia Heard read their own poetry and that of others in SAY THAT AGAIN (referring to Charlotte Huck’s advice about reading a poem twice.)
  6. Marga Madhuri and Andy Steck focus on their experiences with running successful Family Literacy events at schools and on their college campus in EVEN MY HUSBAND READS TO OUR CHILDREN.
  7. In TIKKUN OLAM: REPAIRING THE WORLD THROUGH CHILDREN’S BOOKS Margo Tannebaum uses the traditional Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) to highlight recent releases in order to launch productive discussions which focus on social justice issues, encouraging kindness, and creating a better world.
  8. Katherine Thomerson presents GREAT READ ALOUDS FOR THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM using hands-on activities that will motivate children to read, write and consider the world around them.

Friday, 5:00-5:45

  1. NETWORKING SESSION FOR LIBRARIANS facilitated by Pamela Martinez

Saturday, 10:15-11:15

  1. As he shares in NEW TITLES TAKING FLIGHT: FROM PILOTS TO FAIRIES, there's more to author Marc Tyler Nobleman than superheroes...though, coincidentally, most of his latest and upcoming books also involve flying. Topics include both fiction and nonfiction.
  2. Lisa Von Drasek presents WRITING IN LIBRARIES.
  3. FOSTERING SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE WITH CHILDREN’S LITERATURE with Kimberly Gordon Biddle, JaNay Brown-Wood and Elisabeth Ferry Perata.  In this interactive session three separate books will be used to demonstrate specific activities that foster social and emotional competence. Kimberly Gordon Biddle is the author of LaDonna Plays Hoops.
  4. USING FICTION TO INTEREST YOUNG READERS IN NON-FICTION with Henry Herz provides examples of how to leverage fiction picture books with embedded nuggets of nonfiction to interest kids in nonfiction. Henry Herz is the author of Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes, Mabel and the Queen of Dreams, Little Red Cuttlefish and his 2017 release Cap’n Rex & His Clever Crew. In 2018 watch for How the Squid Got Two Long Arms, Good Egg & Bad Apple and Alice’s Magic Garden.
  5. Veronika Kolesnikov presents LITERATURE AND GARDENING, a base model for creative thinking and social impact promotes hands on activities that promote abstract thinking with gardening as a medium of growth and societal awareness. Kolesnikov uses the work of a number of past and present Festival authors including Kathi Appelt, Peter Brown and Sy Montgomery.
  6. BRING CHILDREN’S BOOKS TO LIFE!! with Gail Nelson. Preview all the latest and greatest picture books for grades K-6 includes suggestions and materials to bring these books to life.

Saturday 11:30-12:30

  1. Kathi Apelt presents CHARACTER MATTERS, a workshop in which we explore what is driving your characters, inside and out.
  2. Sy Montgomery presents WHEN THINGS GO HORRIBLY WRONG, silver linings in nonfiction research.
  3. R. W, Alley, James Ransome, Lesa Cline-Ransome, Marilyn Carpenter start their round table discussion with the question “WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?” and let it lead to where their thoughts take them from the source of their ideas to much loved children’s books to???
  4. Participants in Andy Steck’s session AUGMENTING THE REALITY OF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE OR “READING IN 3-D! will create 3-D experiences while they read children’s literature taking the reader from 1 Dimensional to 3-Dimensional using AR ap. iPads will be provided for this session. Handout includes a list of children’s literature used in conjunction with AR apps which can be used in the classroom or library.
  5. Elizabeth Newmeyer presents REVISION TO THE RESCUE, a hands on session covering activities designed to help your students find the inner critic; develop knowledge and skills needed to rescue your revision lessons.