Save March 8 & 9, 2019
For the 23rd Annual

The 22nd annual Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival is now a glorious memory of an exciting weekend celebrating the best of children’s books and their creators. The Festival brought together educators, librarians, students, illustrators, authors and all those interested in children’s literature for a unique combination of full conference and small group sessions. Breakout sessions on Friday and Saturday featured topics of interest to specific audiences and opportunities for both attendees to interact with the authors and illustrators. In the words of past participants, it is “a small, intimate conference where you can spend time with the authors and illustrators” and “with others who share a passion about children’s books.”

Join us in 2019. Learn and refuel in a collegial atmosphere surrounded by people who love children’s books. In 2019 you will meet

Joe Cepeda, Sharon Draper, Bethany Hegedus, Joyce Sidman, Doreen Rappaport and Richard Michelson and more, much more.

collage of book covers

Registration is now open. Register with a friend and share this inspiring weekend!

For Additional Information
Contact festival secretary Colleen Quesada at (909) 748-8791 or email the festival coordinator Marjorie Arnett.


"I believe that if you present the right books to children, they will read and enjoy them. So, bringing children and books together really means getting them excited about reading."

Charlotte S. Huck