Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with an M.A. in Higher Education should be able to:

1) Competently describe, understand and analyze concepts, research and theories related to the study of higher education.

2) Proficiently describe, understand and analyze research and theories exposing inequities in educational access, opportunities and practices in institutions of higher education.

3) Adeptly evaluate and create solutions to professional problems in institutions of higher education.

4) Capably evaluate and apply quantitative and qualitative research to practical problems in higher education.

5) Demonstrate strong and effective communication skills through well-organized written and oral forms.

Master of Arts in Higher Education: A social justice perspective

The social justice perspective in this program manifests implicitly and explicitly throughout your courses. Our aim is that students graduate from the program with the foundation to be:

1) Aware of inequities in higher education;

2) Critical of the role of power and privilege in higher education;

3) Advocates and allies for those who experience oppression in higher education; and,

4) Agents for change to address inequities in higher education.