EDUC 603 Inquiry I: Introduction to Quantitative Research (3 units)

Proposal development of a qualitative or quantitative research study or evaluation project. Includes a review of the literature problem definition, methodology, data analysis, and timeline planning. The use of data analysis in current school practice is emphasized.

EDUC 605 Community College Today (3 units)

Introduction to contemporary issues concerning community colleges today. Emphasis will be on the academic areas as well as those facing student support services. Faculty and professional staff issues will also be addressed.

EDUC 606 Topics in Higher Education (3 Units)

Topics courses address questions, theories, and practice related to a special topic or area in higher education: Individual, Group and Organizational Interventions; Funding and Finance; Human Resources Management and Labor Relations; Legal Issues; Public Policy; Action Inquiry, or other current topics.

EDUC 607 Higher Education in the United States: Contexts and Populations (3 units)

This graduate survey course examines five themes in American higher education:
(a) history of higher education,
(b) educational access,
(c) student populations,
(d) roles of educators, and
(e) current context.

EDUC 608 Evaluation and Assessment: Enhancing Program Effectiveness and Student Learning (3 units)

Emphasis on the evaluation of program efficiency, effectiveness, and impact as well as the assessment of learning in and out of classroom settings in higher education. The course intends to build the skills of planning, development, implementation, analysis, and communication of findings in projects related to evaluation and assessment.

EDUC 609 Higher Education Law (3 units)

This course focuses on legal issues that are involved with higher education. It specifically addresses historical legal cases in higher education, avenues of engagement, implications of verdicts, and analysis of current and future trends.

EDUC 614 Organization Theory and Management in Higher Education (3 units)

Emphasis on theoretical perspectives of organization theory and management with a focus on colleges and universities. Introduction to organization theory, organizational structure, governance, and cultures of higher education.

EDUC 624 Introduction to College Student Affairs (3 units)

This course focuses on the college student experience and its implications for administration. Particular consideration is given to the diversity of higher education settings and students.

EDUC 629 Independent Study in Higher Education (3 units)

Independently designed learning experience focuses on a particular question or topic in higher education.

EDUC 637 Master's Seminar (3 units)

Culminating experience of the program. Opportunity to identify, explore, and study a problem area in depth and to communicate findings to the professional community. Prerequisite: permission from the School of Education.

EDUC 662 Educator's Workshop (1-4 units)

Designed to reflect curriculum trends and issues in education, while current and topical.

EDUC 666 Fieldwork Practicum in Higher Education (1-3 units)

Independently designed learning experience focuses on a particular area of expertise in higher education. Students will be assigned a mentor to direct fieldwork experiences.