Integrated Teacher Credential Program 

The School of Education offers both the Multiple Subject (elementary school) and Single Subject (secondary, including middle and high school) Teacher Credential Programs. The programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  


Students from the College of Arts and Sciences interested in earning a teaching credential must apply to the School of Education. Undergraduate students can enroll in Child Development (EDUG 331) and Educational Foundations (EDUG 401) before the School of Education admission process. Students need to contact an enrollment counselor to discuss the best credential program pathway.


To be eligible to be recommended for the Preliminary Teaching Credential or the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, candidates must meet the U.S. Constitution requirement. For details on meeting this requirement, contact the School of Education. Introduction to American Politics (POLI 111) or American History to 1877 (HIST 121), in the College of Arts and Sciences, or their equivalents, satisfy the requirement. 

Undergraduate students at the University of Redlands can complete up to 15 credit hours of degree work toward a teaching credential or Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching as undergraduates. This pathway to a profession in education helps to create a professional path to being a teacher for those undergraduates who have identified education as their passion early in their college experience.
Single Subject Program Sheet

Multiple Subject Program Sheet

The pathways listed below apply to students who are accepted after Spring 2018

Undergraduate Multiple Subject Pathway

Undergraduate Single Subject Pathway