Key Student Forms

Below are commonly used forms and information related to the student experience.

New Student Orientation for Spring 2018: Masters in Learning and Teaching/Preliminary Teaching Credential

1. Please find necessary New Student Orientation information here. You may find additional student teaching/internship information, requirements, and due dates here.


Add/drop class(es)    
Refer to our academic calendar for add/drop deadlines   
1.Confirm there is no outstanding balance on your student account via RedlandsPay. 
2. Access/change your class schedule via Student Planning, which is accessible via MyRedlands.

Advancing to Student Teaching for Spring 2018
1. Ensure all pre-requisite coursework has been completed.
2. Submit an Advance to Student Teaching form to along with passing scores for the appropriate subject matter exams (CSETs) by 12/8/17, even if scores are pending or you are planning to do an internship.


Teaching Internship Spring 2018
- Application Deadline: December 8, 2017
- Internship Mentor Log. Please submit log at week 9, and week 18.

Leave of Absence (up to 1 year)
  1. Discuss your request with your advisor and complete a Leave of Absence form. Submit form to
  2. To return from a Leave of Absence and reactivate your student status, please email with your request.
  3. Clear all holds with the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Registration can begin once all holds are cleared and student status is changed to active. The Student Planning link is available on MyRedlands. Students may use their Redlands credentials to login to Student Planning Systems. 

Should you need your U of R password reset, please contact

Readmission (after 1 year)
1. Apply online and review entry deadlines
2. Once approved for admission, meet with your advisor to determine outstanding program requirements and plan your schedule. 

Program Withdrawal 
1. Discuss your request with your advisor and complete a Program Withdrawal form. Submit form to

Transfer credit for electives
1. Discuss your request for transfer credit with your advisor who will complete a Modification of Program Requirements form. Signed forms should be submitted to A maximum of 6 units from an accredited institution can be accepted. Coursework must have been completed within 6 years of the anticipated program completion date (10 years for Ed.D. students) and course grade must be 3.0 or higher. 

Course Waiver Request

1. Email your request for course waiver including supporting transcripts, syllabus, etc. to

Degree Sign-off
1. Confirm your progress in Student Planning indicates complete. Then complete and sign a Degree Sign-off Request form. Submit the form to for processing. 

Recommendation for Teaching/Service Credential
1. Complete and hand sign Application for Credential form in blue or black ink. Submit original to our Fieldwork & Advising office.
2. Complete digital Application for Credential form here.

MOU Partner Discount

1. To qualify for a tuition discount, confirm organization is an active Strategic Partner. Complete and sign an updated Registration and Tuition agreement based on current tuition rates and submit to Tuition discounts are not retroactive and will be applied to future classes. 

Change of Program, Emphasis or Location

1. Complete a Program Change Request form and a new Registration and Tuition agreement based on current tuition rates will also be required. Submit all forms to

2. Set appointment with your advisor to review course requirements for new program and impact to schedule, location, program length, financial aid, etc.

Request for Incomplete Grade

1. Secure approval from instructor and complete Request for Incomplete Grade form. Provide copy of form to your advisor.

Special Status Student (not admitted to a program or eligible for financial aid)

1. Students who wish to take single courses should contact the Fieldwork and Advising office to schedule an appointment with an advisor. If you are a former University of Redlands student, confirm that your student account is clear of any holds.

2. Review request/discuss course schedule with advisor. Complete and sign a Registration and Tuition agreement based on current tuition rates.

College of Arts and Science Students Applying to School of Education

1. Undergraduate students must complete the School of Education admissions process to enroll in  School of Education Pathways courses.

Links to Key Student Resources

Student Financial Services


The Academic Review Board Petition form is available on the University Registrar's petition's page. Students who wish to petition to leave a program, re-enter a program, or appeal a grade should contact their advisor for guidance.


If you are looking for forms, due dates, or other IRB information, use the link within MyRedlands for access. The University's IRB Guidelines, a copy of the IRB application form for the use of human participants, a copy of the IRB application form for using animals in research or teaching, and links to information about IRBs and ethics in research are all available within.

If you have questions regarding which forms to complete, contact your advisor.