Alfred North Whitehead College

October 3, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the inaguration of Alfred North Whitehead College, the beginning of the rich heritage of adult and professional education at the University of Redlands. 

The Alfred North Whitehead College of Liberal and Career Studies came into existence in 1976, named after Alfred North Whitehead, a mathematician and philosopher who had a distinguished career at both Cambridge and Harvard Universities. The college was specifically designed to provide an academic environment for adult students working full time. This innovative model of accelerated, competency-based, adult education was one of the first in Southern California. 

The College in 1976

In a special report to the University community, the college reported that the total student body numbered 1,600, of whom 57 percent were women. The average age of these students was 35, and most were employed full-time. Four degrees were offered at the time of its establishment:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Interdisciplinary
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Public Service Management
  • Master of Arts in Management
  • Master of Arts in Education
Undergraduate Tuition
1-7 units: $62.00/unit
8-0 units: $107/unit
Graduate Tuition
1-7 units: $75.00/unit
8-0 units: $107/unit


A Lasting Legacy

Today, the University of Redlands remains a leader in providing exceptional degree, credential and certificate programs to working professionals, offering 40 programs of study to 2,500 students annually in the Schools of Business, Education and Continuing Studies.