Prior Learning Assessment Center

Prior-learning assessment (PLA) has played a pivotal role in the completion of undergraduate degrees at the University of Redlands since the late 1970s. The Assessment Center at the School of Business assesses all non-transferable college-level prior and experiential learning. The range of credit opportunities includes non-transferable transcripted credit, military training, ACE-evaluated training, and professional/certificated learning.

The services of the Assessment Center are available at no charge to undergraduate students at the University. Within a student's baccalaureate degree, up to 30 credits may be counted through the assessment process here and as assessed credits transferred from other accredited institutions. The assessment process opens at the time of a student's application to the University and continues as long as the student is in good standing on the path to degree completion.

Each student brings a unique history of prior learning to the University. The goal of the Assessment Center is to acknowledge the value of this learning with credits awarded for the demonstration of equivalent college-level learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to think broadly about their prior learning and to avoid assumptions that their prior learning is not worthy of assessment consideration.

Assessment opportunities may be discussed with the enrollment officers at any of our regional campuses, with one's Student Services Manager (academic advisor) upon starting the BSM or BSB program, or with the Portfolio Analyst in the Assessment Center (

In many cases, students submitting professional training for assessment will have particular need of the "Statement of Learning Outcomes…" form, also known informally as the SOLO form.

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