Center for Spatial Business

The Center for Spatial Business seeks to stimulate and support location analytics, GIS, and spatial analysis for business and economics research and education. We develop knowledge through applied location analytics and GIS research, enrich education and curriculum for business schools, and provide outreach to the academic and professional community. 

About the Center for Spatial Business

In accord with the University of Redlands mission of innovative instruction, academic rigor, diversity, and civic responsibility, the Center provides programming that enhances and conveys knowledge in this growing field to help in decision-making and solutions to real world problems.

The Center seeks to...


Increase the level of incorporation of spatial reasoning and GIS in the programs of the university’s and other schools of business


Provide training towards accomplishing excellence in pedagogical aspects of business GIS.


Expand current efforts related to Business GIS and Spatial Analysis research at the university and beyond.


Develop and promote cooperation and collaboration for curricular and research projects inside and outside the university.


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Speaker Series

Join us for our next speaker series event to learn about real-world applications of GIS in business from academics, practitioners, and professionals around the world.  See our next event.

Workshops and Conferences

The Center's leaders travel nationally and internationally as featured speakers for conferences and workshops on geographic information systems. Click to view presentation materials.