Center for Business GIS and Spatial Analysis (GISAB)

National and International Workshops and Conferences

Here we have listed all the workshops GISAB has held or attended. Please click on the link below to access the material from each workshop.


AMCIS Workshop, Boston

Workshop Agenda

Intro to Workshop and Sharing Economy

Location Analytics and Big Data

AMCIS Keynote Speaker


AMCIS Workshop, San Diego

Workshop Agenda

Location Analytics and GIS


ICIS Pre-Conference Workshop on Big Data: Foundation, Emerging Applications and Research - December 2016
Dublin, Ireland
Organized by Special Interest Group on Geographic Information Systems (SIGGIS) of the Association for Information Systems

Workshop Agenda

Overview of Spatial Big Data and Analytics

Spatial Decision  Making

Research Opportunities in Location Analytics, Spatial Decision Making, and GIS for IS/IT Researchers: Findings from a Survey


ICIS Pre-Conference Workshop on Locational Analytics and Big Data: Foundations, Emerging Applications and Research - December 2015, Fort Worth , TX 

Organized by Special Interest Group on Geographic Information Systems (SIGGIS) of the Association for Information Systems

Workshop Announcement and Agenda

Workshop Presentations

Brian N. Hilton, Ph.D. - Overview of Spatial Big Data and Analytics
James B. Pick - Applications and Examples of Spatial Big Data Analytics
Namchul Shin - Research Opportunities in Spatial Big Data, Location and Analytics for IS Researchers

Peer-Reviewed Papers accepted for Presentation at Workshop

Author  Paper
Christopher Franklin Space-Time Diffusion Visualization using Bayesian Inference
Olusola Samuel-Ojo, et. al. Growth and Migration of Benthic Habitats: Spatial Microsimulation Approach
Pick, et. al.  A Spatial and Regression Analysis of Social Media in U.S. Counties
Omar Arlwais, et. al. Evaluating Local Government Usage of GIS: A New Maturity Model
Peter Keenan, Gianluca Miscione Desperately Seeking the IS in GIS 


AMCIS Workshop on Big Data and Location Analytics, Puerto Rico


Geospatial and Location Analytics Backdrop (A. Sarkar, D. Farkas)

Social Media, Crime Prediction, GIS, and Enhanced NLP Text Analysis (A. Corso)

Location, GIS, and Spatial Big Data Conceptual Foundations (B. Rama)

Intersection of Big Data, Analytics, and GIS (J. Pick, N. Shin)


ICIS Pre-Conference Workshop on GIS and Spatial Analysis, December 2014- Auckland, New Zealand

Workshop Overview
Workshop Agenda
Presentation for Segment 1: Making A Case - Why are GIS and Spatial Analysis Relevant
Presentation for Segment 2: Overview of GIS - Integrating GIS into Business School Teaching 
Presentation for Segment 3: Overview of GIS - Integrating GIS into IS/IT Research
Presentation for Segment 4: Building a Publication Record in GIS 

Industry Keynote by Scott Campbell, Head of Technology, Eagle Technology Group Ltd. 

Workshop Proceedings Papers:

Application of GIS to Support Regional Policy for Development of Renewable Energy in Southern California - An Exploratory Case Study Analysis - PowerPoint

The Role of "Big Data" in Regional Low-Carbon Management: A Case in China


AMCIS Workshop on GIS for Smart Sustainability, August 2014 - Savannah, GA

Workshop Agenda

Workshop materials

Industry keynote by Mr. Bill Meehan, Director of Utility Solutions, Esri