Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Requirements for the Major (48 credits)

I. Foundation- choose 1 course (4 credits)
WGS 145 Gender, Sexuality, and Power
WGS 150 Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGS 153 Queer Culture and Identity in the 20th Century
Other courses approved by the Director

II. Theory and Activism- 2 courses (8 credits)
At least one theory course and one activism course is required

WGS 340 Contemporary Feminist Theory
WGS 341 Gender and Nation
ECON 240 Economics of Race, Class, and Gender
POLI 317 Feminist Political Theory
PHIL 310 Philosophy of Sex and Gender
PSYC 320 Psychology of Gender
SOAN 342 Gender and Sexuality
SOAN 345 Interrogating Masculinity
Other courses courses approved by the director

WGS 230 Feminist Community Engagement
WGS 240 Feminist and Social Justice Activism
WGS 427 Women in Collective Action
WGS 180, WGS 280 Exploratory Internships
BUS 410 Organizational Consulting
others approved by the Director

III. Methods
At least one 4-credit course must be a WGS methods course or other methods course appropriate to the focus of the plan of study, chosen in consultation with the student's WGS advisor.

IV. Plan of Study (24 credits)
Plan of Study will be designed in consultation with a majoring student's WGS advisor. The Plan of Study will help WGS majors define their own learning goals and map out a course of study towards those goals. Majoring students will work closely with their advisor to develop an individualized plan reflective of their particular interdisciplinary interests. It is recommended that declaring majors will submit a Plan of Study at the end of their second year and periodically review and adjust the Plan in consultation with their advisor.

IV. Capstone (8 credits)
WGS 459 Senior Seminar: all majors enroll in the fall of their senior year, for

WGS Senior Project: all majors complete an Independent Senior Project (WGS 470) or Honors Research Project (WGS 499) in the spring of their senior year for 4-credits.



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