Current Productions

The Lost Vegas Series

by Julie Jensen
Directed by Uof R students
Whitney Carter, Lilian Mitrev, Phillip Olson

The Lost Vegas Plays are an interwoven series of six short plays including: How Not to Get F***ed, The Greatest Love, We Kirk o'the Heather, the Liberace Museum, Away in a Manger, and Lion Tongue.

April 8, 9 & 10, 2016
in the Frederick Loewe Theatre


The Hamlet Project

May 2016
in the Frederick Loewe Theatre

The Hamlet Project will explore the theme of "omniscience" present in Shakespeare's text: God, the supernatural, the king and kingdom and any connections evident with today's most "omniscient entity" - satellite surveillance.  Set in a dystopian future where Elizabethan language is spoken and surveillance technology is used.

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