Students Applying to Health Professional Schools

The following forms are intended for those students who will be applying to health professional schools. The purpose of each form is provided. As needed, download and print the forms and present them to the appropriate person.

FormA: Students who are in their sophomore or junior year can start the application process for health professional schools. The first step is to download this form, fill it out, and return it to Ben Aronson, Hedco 111 (x8734, P.O Box 3080, Redlands, CA 92373) . By signing this form you are giving us the permission to collect letters of recommendation on your behalf. Note that you have a choice to access these letters or to waive the right of access; we strongly recommend that you waive the right of access.

FormB: This document provides some general information for those applying to health professional schools, particularly medical and dental.

FormC: This document provides general advice concerning from whom to collect letters of recommendation from.

FormE: Students who are asking for letters of recommendation should print out one copy of this document for each potential letter writer. Fill out the appropriate portion, check whether or not you are waiving your access to read the letter of recommendation (we recommend that you do waive the access) and give the form to the person you are requesting the letter of recommendation from. The letter writer will then return the form to us.

FormF: This form is for those who are in the process of applying to a health professional school and need letters of recommendation that we have collected to be sent out. Print out the form, fill out the exact address you want the letters sent to and note which of the letters in your file you want sent. Return the form to Ben Aronson, Hedco 111(P.O Box 3080, Redlands, CA 92373).

If you have any questions regarding these forms contact Roxanne Hubbling x8702 or Ben Aronson  x8734.