Kevin O'Neill

Professor Emeritus, Philosophy


P: 909.748.8655

Office: Philosophy, Larsen Hall

Academic Interests

  • Representations of Death and the Afterlife in Popular Culture

  • Neo-Pragmatism and Truth

  • Holocaust Representation.

Areas of Expertise

  • American Philosophy

  • Kant and Hegel

  • Classical Greece

  • Philosophy and Death

Background Highlights

  • Have served on the national boards of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and the North American Society for Social Philosophy and president of New Mexico-Texas Philosophy Society

  • Member of the School of Criticism and Theory; recipient of four National Endowment Summer Fellowships/Summer Seminar

  • Recently published article on corpses in "Mortality" and book review in JAC

Courses Offered at Redlands

  • Introduction to Philosophy

  • Ethics

  • Medieval Philosophy

  • Greek Philosophy

  • Seventeenth/Eighteenth Century Philosophy

  • Kant and Hegel

  • The Rhetoric of Philosoph

  • Postmodernism and Death

  • Postmodernism and Religion

  • American Philosophy

  • Twentieth Century Analytic Philosophy

Degrees Held

B.A. Georgetown University, Philosophy Honors Program, 1963

M.A. Yale University, Philosophy, 1965

Ph.D. Yale University, Philosophy, 1967

Previous Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at El Paso, 1967-1969

Awards, Honors and Grants

University of Redlands

  • Outstanding Teacher, University of Redlands, 1984

  • Mortarboard Professor of the Year, 2001

  • Faculty Alumni Award, 1996

  • University of Redlands Research Grants

External Grants and Appointments

  • School of Criticism and Theory, University of California Irvine, 1977

  • NEH Summer Seminar on Philosophy of Science, Stanford University, 1979

  • NEH Summer Seminar on Exact Sciences in Antiquity, Yale University 1982

  • NEH Summer Seminar on Post-Modernism, University of California Riverside 1991

  • NEH Summer Institute: Embodiment University of California Santa Cruz, 1994

  • APA Workshop in Teaching Philosophy, Los Angeles, 1986

Publications, Presentations and Panels

"Disciplining the Dead," Paper presented at IAPL(International Association for Philosophy and Literature) national conference, Villanova University, 1995.

"Descartes and Suicide," Paper presented at IAPL national conference, Villanova University, 1995.

"Memorial Photography," Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Society (INCS) national convention, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1995.

"Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and the Annexation of Heaven," INCS national conference, Santa Cruz, 1996.

"Cities of the Dead: Cemeteries and Memorial Photography," IAPL national conference, UC Irvine, 1996.

"From the Annexation of Heaven to the Dying of Death," Pacific Sociological Association meeting, San Francisco, 1996.

"Disciplining the Dead," chapter published in Perspectives/n Embodiment, Ed. Honi Haber and Gail Weiss, Routledge, 1998.

"From the Annexation of Heaven to Sound Bites for the Soul," IAPL national meeting, Atlanta, 2001.

"American Models of Death: White Noise, Tuesdays with Morrie, Left Behind,' Conference on Representations of Death, University of Warwick, UK, 2001.

"Edouard Seguin and the Moral Education of Idiots," Children's Literature Association national meeting, Wyoming, PA, 2002.

"Sounds of Silence: Representation and Aporia in Post-Mortem Images of Young Women," Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, Santa Cruz, 2003.

"Lost Girls: The Role of Young Women in End Times Literature," Literature Conference, Nashville, TN, 2003.

"The Theodicy and the Rapture: Images of Evil in End Times Literature", Phenomenology and Literature Conference, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, 2003.

"Written in Stone: Representations of Children and Childhood on Grave Markers, Puritan Era to the Present" Children's Literature Association, El Paso, TX, 2003.

"Advising at Johnston," Chapter published as part of Hard Travelin' and Still Havin' A Good Time. Eds. Bill McDonald and Kathy Ogren, Trafford Publishing, 2004.

"Appearing and Disappearing Corpses in Twenty-first Century Images of Death," Pacific Sociological Association Conference, San Francisco, 2004.

"Theodicy in the Left Behind Novels," paper presented at the annual meeting of International Society for Phenomenology conference, Harvard Divinity School, 2005.

"Philosophy and the Figurative: The Opening of Plato's Phaedo," Proceedings of the Society for Ancient Philosophy, published in association with the national meeting of the Society for Ancient Philosophy at the University of Oregon, 2005.

"The Corpse and Its Fate in the 21st Century," paper presented at the national meeting sponsored by the Museum of Funeral Customs, Springfield IL November 2006.

"Death, Lives and Video Streams," Mortality, Volume 13, Issue 2, 2008.

"The Dispossession of David Lurie," Chapter in Encountering Disgrace: Reading and Teaching Coetzee's Novel. Camden House, April 2009.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Philosophical Association

  • Hegel Society of America

  • Association for Integrative Studies, National Board Member

  • North American Society for Social Philosophy

  • International Association for Philosophy and Literature

  • Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies

  • New Mexico-West Texas Philosophical Society

  • Children's Literature Association

  • MLA