Scott Randolph

Associate Professor
Business Administration and Management


Ph. D., Business and Economic History, Purdue University, 2009

M.A., History, The University of Akron, 2002

B.A., History, Rutgers University - Livingston College, 1993


Duke Hall
P: 909.748.8536


The liberal arts lie at the foundation of the student and faculty experience at the University of Redlands. Take me, for instance: I am a historian by training, but work in the Department of Business Administration and Management. I am grateful that I work for a university and with colleagues for whom teaching and mentoring is job number one.

This is not to say that we neglect research. My own work investigates the complicated relationships between the state, the people, and business in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. My current research project, entitled, "Accounting for Regulation: Railway Valuation and the Progressive Effort to Find a Scientific Basis for the Administrative State, 1900 - 1935," is a broad examination of the progressive faith in data, calculation, and engineering through the 35-year effort to calculate the physical value of every railroad in the country.

Courses Offered

  • BUS 226: The Rise of American Capitalism, 1865 – 1932

  • BUS 361: Ethical Dilemmas in Business

Areas of Research

  • The Culture of Capitalism

  • Transportation history with an emphasis on railways

  • Gilded Age and Progressive Era American history

  • Regulation and the Administrative State

  • Railway Labor

Previous Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of History
Armstrong Atlantic State University, 2009–2011

  • History 4030: Seminar in American History

  • History 3770: American History 1917 to 1960

  • History 2112: Survey in American History after 1865

  • History 2000: Ethics and Values in History

  • History 1112: World Civilizations 1500 to the Present

  • History 1111: World Civilizations to 1500

Lecturer/Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Wyoming, 2008–2009

  • History 4990: Special Topics–Research in American Business History

  • History 4990: Special Topics–Railways as American History

  • History 4480/5480: Growth of Modern America, 1929–1960

  • History 4470/5470: Birth of Modern America, 1890–1929

  • History 1221: United States 1865 to the Present

Graduate Instructor
Purdue University 2004 – 2010

  • History 467: The Emergence of Modern America, 1877–1932

  • History 152: United States 1877 to the Present

Selected Fellowships and Grants

  • Newberry Library Short-Term Fellowship for Individual Research, 2006

  • Hagley Museum and Library Grant-in-Aid, 2006

  • Scholar-in-Residence Grant at the Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 2006

  • Hill Research Grant from the James J. Hill Reference Library, 2006

  • Fellowship Grant in American Transportation History and the History of the West, Mercantile Library, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2005

Conference Presentations

  • "Cold, Coal, Cars, and North Dakota: Railroads and the Winter of 1906-1907," Northern Great Plains History Conference, Grand Forks, ND, 15 October 2010

  • "Railroads and the Value of Property: The Presidents' Commission on Interchange of Freight Cars, 1908-1909," Business History Conference Annual Meeting, Athens, GA, 27 March 2010

  • "The Madden Bill and the Fight for Reciprocal Demurrage: Farmers, the Railroads, and Car Service, 1900 to 1910," Agricultural History Society Annual Meeting, Little Rock, AR, 20 June 2009

  • "The Dilemma of Car Service: Markets, Manipulation and Oversight in Railway Interchange 1902–1923," Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, New York City, NY, 28–31 March 2008 (panel co-organizer)

  • "Playing by the Rules: Car Service, Private Action, and the Meaning of Exchange in the American Railway Industry, 1902–1917," at the Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE, 1–3 March 2007

  • "Missing the Forest for the Trees: Railway Executives and the Specter of the State in a Time of Economic Transformation, 1952–1960," at the Social Science History Association meeting, Portland, OR, 3–5 November 2005

  • "Pain, Injury, and Loss: 1930s Railway Claim Records and the Meaning of Work," at the Center for Working-Class Studies Conference, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH, 21 May 2005 (panel co-organizer)

  • "'The necessities of war may teach us what is advantageous for peace,' Hope, Conflict and Negotiation: The Railway Industry's Internal Dialogue during the Transportation Crisis of 1917," at the Social Science History Association meeting, Chicago, IL, 20 November 2004

  • "Sentiment and Safety: Railway Workers Confront Work and Unemployment During the Great Depression," at the North American Labor History Conference meeting, Wright State University, Detroit, MI, 23 October 2004 (panel co-organizer)

  • "Bums, Boilermakers, and the Boob-oise: The Meaning of Work and Unemployment in Industrial Ohio During the 1930s," at the Ohio Academy of History, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, OH, 16–17 April 2004 (panel co-organizer)

  • "Tramps, Trainmen, and Travelers: Work, Conflict and Identity during the Great Depression" at the Indiana Association of Historians meeting, Indianapolis University, Indianapolis, IN, 27–28 February 2004

Public Lectures

  • "The Response of the Roosevelt Administration to the Holocaust," for the University of Wyoming Hillel Association, 11 November 2009

  • "Private Efforts, Public Failure: The Transportation Crisis of 1917 through the eyes of the Pennsylvania Railroad," at the offices of the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, Harrisburg, 2 November 2006

  • "Transportation Heritage and Conservation: Archival Theory and Practice in the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Collection," at the 90th Annual Purdue Road School, Purdue University, 11 March 2004

  • "An Introduction to the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Collection at the University of Akron Archival Services." Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Convention, Girard, OH, 20 September 2003

Selected Publications and Reviews

  • ''A Most Magnificent Machine: America Adopts the Railroad, 1825–1862," by Craig Miner. "Annals of Iowa" v. 70 no. 3 (Summer 2011), 262–264

  • "Railroad Noir: The American West at the End of the Twentieth Century," by Linda Niemann and Joel Jenson. "Technology and Culture" v. 52, (July 2011), 637–638

  • "Good, Reliable, White Men: Railroad Brotherhoods, 1877–1917," by Paul Michel Taillon. "Railroad History" 203 (Fall–Winter 2010), 85–86

  • Entries: "Adamson Act," "Erdman Act," and "Railway Labor Acts, 1920–1934," in Eric Arnesen, Leon Fink, et al, eds., "Encyclopedia of U. S. Labor and Working Class History," 3 vols., New York: Routledge, 2007

  • "The Hook and Eye: A History of the Iowa Central Railway", by Don L. Hofsommer. "Railroad History" 195 (Fall–Winter 2006), 102

  • "Twisted Rails, Sunken Ships: The Rhetoric of Nineteenth Century Steamboat and Railroad Accident Investigation Reports," 1833–1879, by R. John Brockmann. "Railroad History" 194 (Spring–Summer 2006), 107

  • "Home on the Rails: Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity," by Amy G. Richter. "Railroad History" 193 (Fall–Winter 2005), 84–85

  • "American Steam on Australian Rails," by David Burke. "Railroad History" 192 (Spring–Summer 2005), 99–100

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  • "Travel By Train: The American Railroad Poster, 1870–1950," by Michael E. Zega and John E. Gruber. "Railroad History" 188 (Spring–Summer 2003), 119

  • "Katy Northwest: The Story of a Branch Line Railroad," by Donovan L. Hofsommer. "Railroad History" 183 (Fall–Winter 2000), 130–131

Other Selected Professional Experience

  • On-line Editor, H-Net/H-SHGAPE, January 2009–present

  • Associate Archivist and Curator of the Collection: Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Collection (held at Cleveland State University), May 1998–present

  • Reader: AP American History, 2009–present