Internal Transfers from the College of Arts and Sciences, 2017

Johnston Internal Transfers 2017

Welcome to the Johnston Internal Transfer page!
If you're here, it means you are re-considering your college path. Johnston faculty, students, and staff have collectively worked for almost 50 years to create intentional education and community. While each Johnston student crafts a unique educational path, we work collaboratively to live and learn together.
*How do I transfer to Johnston?

(1) Attend the Johnston Transfer Workshop series in the fall semester
       Contact M. G. Maloney, Assistant Director of Johnston, to get on the email list: 

While attendance at these workshops does not guarantee admission in the Johnston program, they are highly recommended. The workshops offer you an opportunity to learn more about Johnston and to be thoughtful about whether Johnston is the right fit for you. If it is, great! If it isn't, feel free to reach out and discuss other options. Our goal is to help you on your educational journey.

(2) Review the Johnston Web pages for an overview of Johnston academics and living-learning

(3) Identify a Johnston-friendly advisor ASAP

(4) Turn in your Sophomore Contract to Kerry Robles in the Johnston Office, Bekins Hall Room #112, by October 11, 2017
       Please note: your contract's cover page must be signed by you and your advisor

(5) Work with Kerry Robles to schedule a Sophomore Contract committee meeting 

(6) Attend Johnston Community Meetings, every Tuesday @ 4pm in Holt Lobby 

(7) Enroll in a Johnston seminar in the spring if you are not already enrolled in one this fall

 *Please note, students must have less than 48 units completed by the spring of 2017, in order to transfer into Johnston.