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UoR/Esri Colloquium Series


Mapping the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Jim Herries, Esri | Oct. 4, 3-4pm | UoR Gregory 161

Abstract: Hundreds of countries are working together right now to measure themselves and share their progress toward 17 specific goals. Maps and spatial analysis have a role to play in this program. Its challenges include detailed definitions of each goal, data collection at multiple geographic scales, various time periods, analysis, interpretation and presentation. In this discussion, you will see up-to-date data, services, maps and apps that illuminate these goals. You will also learn what kinds of GIS job opportunities are typically required for comprehensive GIS projects like this, and open discussion about the types of job opportunities found at Esri, its partners and customers.

Analyzing and Mapping Temporal Data

Dr. Aileen Buckley, Esri | Oct. 31, 3-4pm | Esri-W1C

Abstract: This presentation focuses on the multiple methods you can use to effectively analyze your temporal data using ArcGIS and how to communicate the temporal nature of your data through maps designed to be shared in print, on-screen, and online. A variety of examples are used to demonstrate how ArcGIS can help you to provide greater understanding of your data through appropriate statistical analyses and share that understanding with aesthetically pleasing and effectively communicative visualizations.