Allison Fraiberg

School of Business


Hornby Hall
P: 909.748.8767

Current Research, Academic Interests or Areas of Expertise

  • English: Writing, Speech, Literature, Film

  • History of Political Economy

  • History of Management

  • Postmodernism

  • Postcolonial Studies

  • Business Communications

Description of Research

  • Business and management education

  • Intersections of business studies and the liberal arts

  • Cultural studies of business (global, postcolonial, historical)

Courses taught at Redlands

  • Contexts for Contemporary Business

  • Contexts for Contemporary Management

  • Critical Analysis

  • Critical Perspectives on Management

  • Gender and Work

  • Business and Professional Speaking

  • Reading Film

  • Writing and Work

  • Literature, Globalism, and Enterprise

  • Contemporary Literary Contexts

  • Theories of Human Nature

Degrees Held

  • B.A. McGill University (1987): English: Film and Communications

  • M.A. Tulane University (1989): English

  • Ph.D. University of Washington (1993): English: Cultural Studies/Theory

Significant Publications and Presentations

Journal Publications

  • The Journal of Leadership Studies

  • Academic Exchange Quarterly

  • Pedagogy

  • College Literature

  • Postmodern Culture

  • Transformations

Conference Presentations

  • Modern Language Association

  • Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

  • Northeast Modern Language Association

  • National Women's Studies Association

  • Popular Culture Association

  • CCCC