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Members of our Greek organizations are consistently some of our most committed, enthusiastic students and alumni. Many of them credit their involvement in Greek life with helping them to build leadership skills, to develop as community servants and to make lifelong friends.

Here is what some of our Greek alumni have to say about the Redlands Greek experience:


"Being part of the Greek Community has allowed me to utilize and strengthen my leadership skills and to apply them to everyday life. Without the community, I would not have had the opportunity to interact with so many diverse people and to learn as much as I have through these differences. It is through the diverse nature of the Greek Community that we get our strength because differing perspectives and experiences allow us to become more accepting and knowledgeable individuals."
- Christie McClain, '05 Beta Lambda

"Going Greek has enriched my life in many ways. I have met many wonderful people, and many Alumni that can care about my future plans outside of school. I feel that Greek life will be a highlight of my life here at the U of R. I encourage everyone that is interested to Rush and experience the Greek life."
- Sami Shelton, '08 Alpha Sigma Pi

"I have been fortunate to not only benefit from personal growth during my years at the University of Redlands as a Theta, but also to experience professional growth through the mentoring opportunity I have had with a fellow Theta Alumni."
- Christina Erickson-Taube, '01 Alpha Theta Phi

"Being a part of the Greek Community has been an integral part of my years at Redlands. What drew me to join Gamma Nu were the people who balanced leadership, social life, involvement and valued their education. The Greek Community reflects the premier students of this University who strive to make an impact on their campus community and fellow peers. Over the years, I have watched leaders in the Greek Community become mentors for other students and help to further the development of the University of Redlands. When I leave, I know I will always have a place on this campus and look forward to returning to visit with Greek Alumni and meeting the new members who make up my organization."
- Matt Wick, '06 Alpha Gamma Nu

"I pledged with sixteen young ladies in 1977. To this day I am the best of friends with a number of my pledge sisters. One of my pledge sisters was my maid of honor and I was hers. We have raised our children together and now three of our five children attend the U of R. My daughter is a Theta, my best friend's son plays baseball for Redlands and my son is settling in as a freshman. We get together at homecoming, about 100 of us almost every year, year after year. It is not possible to truly share the sisterhood, the memories, the incredible journey that being in a sorority provided and still provides me. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity."
- Melodie Zinck Scott, '80 Alpha Theta Phi

"The Greek community has enabled me to take a much more active part in the campus community. Being part of an organization that takes pride in the traditions of its university has encouraged me to excel at anything I show an interest in. Taking part in the Greek Community improves an individual's outlook on the university he or she attends and the importance of their opinions and involvement."
- Hayley Wick, '06 Alpha Theta Phi

"The experiences shared will forever be a thread of happiness that will last a lifetime."
- Travis Allain, '07 Sigma Kappa Alpha

"Being a part of the Greek Community has helped me become the person I am today. If I had not become a member of Beta Lambda, I would not have realized the potential that I held within and where I can go. I have held many leadership positions due to this. I plan concerts for the school and the Greek organizations are always there supporting the events or helping out. As for my sorority sisters, they are my best friends. They are my lifelong friends, the bridesmaids for my wedding, the shoulders I can cry on, and the women I just meet up with for a good laugh."
- Stephanie Teare, '05 Beta Lambda

"Being Greek has shown me that not everyone is really how they appear to be. I've made so many friends in the Greek Community and I honestly believe that they will be there for me forever. Being in a sorority has exposed me to various things, good and bad, but I wouldn't change any of it. The only way to become a better person is to learn from others, and I believe that these past 3 years have been a learning experience that will last a lifetime."
- Miriam Martinez, '05 Alpha Xi Omicron

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