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Outdoor Programs Trip Leaders

Outdoor Programs employs the help of over thirty volunteer student Trip Leaders to help guide and facilitate all our adventures. OP Trip Leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds and are passionate about many different outdoor pursuits. Most, if not all, Trip Leaders have a minimum of a Wilderness First Responder certification, have experience as guides and outdoor educators outside of the University of Redlands campus and attend regular Trip Leader Trainings and workshops. They are also some of the most fun people you’ll meet on campus!

Chris BodeChris Bode - Senior
Environmental Studies
"I love playing outdoors, climbing, hiking, biking, surfing, boarding, camping… The list goes on and on!! But more than anything, I really love to share these experiences with good people." 

Jessie Dubus - Junior
Environmental Science and Spanish
"I've been involved in OP since my freshman year as a Trip Leader, OP Shop Staff Manager, and OP Intern! My favorite part of leading trips is getting to see participants experience things for the first time... and having awesome campfire desserts!"

Leah Cotton - Junior
Creative Writing
"The outdoors are my passion; whether I am scaling mountains or frolicking through waves on the beach, there is no better feeling than being connected to nature. 'The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.' –Into The Wild"

Arizona (Riz) Alli - Junior
Studio Art
"It doesn't get much better than good people and beautiful places. Spontaneous adventures are the best kind. Singing, stargazing, hiking, backpacking, and anything involving water are some of my favorite things to do in the great outdoors. "

Hillary Scaletta - Sophomore
Creative Writing 
"Being able to lead trips and go on trips allows me to escape from my own reality and just enjoy the company of the great outdoors!"

Michelle Villagran - Sophomore
"I love introducing students to the outdoor wonders Southern California has to offer!  From climbing, to surfing to snowboarding to hiking, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Leah Smith- Freshman
"I love leading as well as participating in trips; as long as I get to meet new people!"

Becoming a Trip Leader

Most of our trips at Outdoor Programs are student planned and student led. If you have the desire to develop your leadership skills and in becoming a facilitator on some amazing outdoor adventures then you could be part of the OP Trip Leader team.

What steps should I be taking if I want to be a trip leader?

  • Come over to the OP and introduce yourself or talk to any Trip Leader
  • Come on as many OP tripts as you can, ask questions and get involved
  • Attend an OP Meet and Greet after fall or spring break
  • Apply as a Trip Leader Apprentice nominee
  • Get nominated to begin a semester-long apprentice process
  • Get your WFR over spring break

Why should I want to be a TL?

  • Earn discounted rates on trips, courses and equipment
  • Plan trips where you want to go and do what you want to do, and don’t pay!
  • Get amazing summer or post-college jobs that allow you to travel and spend time outside
  • Meet amazing people and see amazing places
  • Be a part of a community of good outdoorsy folk on this campus
  • Attend leadership conferences
  • Be a part of a strong community of fabulous people that care about getting the most out of the Redlands experience
  • Attend clinics and workshops, which help solidify your own outdoor skills, knowledge and character
  • The most experienced, exciting and involved leaders earn the privilege of leading incoming freshmen on First Year Journeys

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