FS01 Interpersonal Mindfulness

This Course is for Johnston Students Only

Living in a community requires a high level of emotional intelligence.  To stay focused on one’s individual work, while interacting with others on a regular basis requires both interpersonal skills and mindfulness.  Practicing interpersonal sensitivity, communication, and boundaries is a way to make group living energizing and supportive (as opposed to stifling and oppressive).  Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s consciousness into the present (as opposed to the past and future) to focus on what is most important for the task at hand.

In this Johnston first year seminar, we will study and learn how healthy interpersonal relationships can co-exist with a mindful approach to our studies and activities.  We will embrace an ethos of inclusiveness and empathy, while encouraging each other to achieve personal bests in chosen academic directions.  The inevitable tension within our collective group dynamic will be utilized to learn lessons about us as individuals, as well as how we can deepen our relationships.  Be prepared to struggle, resist, and embrace the inherent dynamics of creative, group learning, while staying personally responsible and reflective about your own direction.