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Melrose Hall

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Built in 1924, Melrose is one of the oldest buildings on campus and full of charm. Melrose Hall has been known for its studious learning community since 1981, with residents agreeing to extended quiet hours from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. daily. Melrose is air conditioned with carpeted student rooms and is co-educational. The basement is the center of the community in the hall as it features a large kitchen, ping pong table, and stadium seating in front of a large television. Melrose houses 66 students, primarily juniors and seniors, in double rooms with hallway bathrooms. There are also two triples available in the community.

Room Size: 13' by 16'

2015-16 Melrose Hall Staff


Community Assistant Staff
Erik Mathison
MJ Riches

Keana Moore - Community Director

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