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May Term Outdoor Adventure

May Term

Outdoor Adventure: 3 Credits

Spend the month of May sleeping under the stars!

The Outdoor Programs May Term course focuses on interpersonal relationships and self-actualization through challenge-based outdoor adventures. Designed to teach wilderness leadership skills through direct experience in the field.

This is a 24/7 learning experience and the “class of a lifetime.”

Some destinations and activities have included:

  • Exploring the deserts of the Southwest
  • Conyoneering in Zion National Park
  • Surfing in Hawaii
  • Backpacking the Lost Coast
  • Skiing in Utah
  • Mountaineering on Mt. Shasta
  • Rock Climbing in Smith Rock, Oregon
  • Trekking in Nepal
  • White water rafting the Green River
  • Sea Kayaking in the Pacific North West

Applications are available fall semester.

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