Student Life

Hazing and Organizational Misconduct

To file a concern or complaint about hazing or other organization misconduct, please complete the Hazing and Organizational Misconduct Reporting Form.

Allegations of organizational/team misconduct will initially be investigated by the Director of Student Conduct, or designee, with the assistance of additional Faculty, Staff, or Administrators, when necessary. Initial findings from the investigation will be presented to the VP/Dean of Students, or designee, for review. Upon review, the VP/Dean of Students, or designee, will determine if the initial findings warrant a dismissal, further investigation, or the referral of the complaint to the Organizational Misconduct Partnership Process, the Organizational Misconduct Board, or for non-hazing related cases, the Student Organization Board, for resolution.

Allegations of hazing and/or other organizational/team misconduct will be resolved only through one of the following avenues, at the direction of the VP/Dean of Student Life, or designee:
  1. For alleged violations that have not been determined to be egregious in nature, nor infringe upon the health and safety of individuals, nor are indications of habitual behavior(s), the case may be referred to the Organizational Misconduct Partnership Process for resolution.
  2. For alleged violations relating to interpersonal violence, drug trafficking, complaints covered by Title IX (e.g., sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking, etc. and/or cases referred as the result of investigations completed in accordance with the University Discrimination and Harassment Policy) and/or are indications of habitual or other dangerous behavior(s), the case may be referred to the Organizational Misconduct Board for resolution.

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