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FYJ Trips

Rock Climbing and Backpacking in the High Sierras
This trip will take participants deep into the heart of California’s world famous Sierra Nevada mountain range. We begin with an overnight backpack into the mountains where the scenery is dominated by alpine lakes and thousand-foot granite walls. Students will also be introduced to the sport of rock climbing and its many different facets. This trip is sure to appeal to anyone wishing to see the wild land that John Muir revered. The High Sierras are known for their beauty and vast wilderness, making them a great place to practice minimal impact recreation. No prior hiking or rock climbing experience or personal climbing gear is required. Cost: $425

Canyoneering, Mountain Biking and Hiking in Zion National Park, Utah
Students who are signed up will enjoy traveling to the southwestern corner of Utah for an authentic desert experience in Zion National Park.! On this trip, students will engage in a wide range of adventure activities. Students will go canyoneering (rappelling into canyons and pools) & mountain biking as well as hike two of Zion's world class trails: The Narrows and Angels Landing. The group will set up base camp inside the park, and from there take off on the different adventures. This trip is recommended for those applicants confident in their fitness. Cost: $425

Watersport Multi-Adventure in San Diego, California
This trip is sure to appeal to those looking for the essential “California Coast” experience. Students will depart to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center in sunny San Diego, CA. Once in San Diego, the group will be fully immersed in water activities and beach adventure. Each day participants will engage in a different ocean activity such as windsurfing, sailing, night kayaking, wakeboarding, water-skiing, and of course, surfing. We leave plenty of time for beach volleyball, body surfing, and soaking up some sun! Going on this trip could turn your “California dream” into a reality. Participants should be confident in their swimming abilities. Cost: $425

Coastal Camping and Sea Kayaking in the Channel Islands
This trip will take participants to the Channel Islands, located west of Ventura in the Pacific Ocean. Participants will experience a rich island ecosystem, populated by wild foxes, seals, and incredible marine life. The Channel Islands are well known for fantastic sunset displays. The trip begins with a ferry out to Santa Cruz Island, populated only by several campsites and a ranger cabin. There students will do two days of extensive sea kayaking, including cave exploration. Cost: $425

Backpack and Camp in Havasu Falls, Arizona 
On this adventure, participants will be heading to Arizona to visit a secret gem just outside the Grand Canyon. Participants will embark on a 10 mile backpack trip (One of the nation’s top ten!) through a canyon before arriving at Havasu Falls, a luscious oasis occupied by the Havasupai Indian community. The group will enjoy wild rope swings, swimming in the crystal blue waters beneath the cascading falls, and will also go on an exploratory hike to the confluence with the Colorado river. Although no prior backpacking experience is necessary, this trip is recommended for those applicants confident in their physical fitness. Cost: $425

Backpack and Hike on the Famous Pacific Crest Trail in Idyllwild, CA
Idyllwild provides all the excitement and diversity of Southern California’s mountains in one accessible area. We will explore high elevation peaks (up to 11,000 ft), backpack and hike on the famous Pacific Crest Trail, and be introduced to the sport of rock climbing at some of the best sites in Southern California! Students will also have the opportunity to take part in an exciting leadership curriculum to discover more about their leadership style and development. No prior backpacking or climbing experience is required, however this trip is recommended for those applicants confident in their physical fitness. Cost: $425

Environmental Service at Bear Paw Conservancy
Join us for an adventure at one of the Inland Empire’s hidden gems: the Bearpaw Preserve. Located only 20 minutes from Redlands and on 600 acres of Wildlands Conservancy land, this local landmark has tons to offer. This group will bond over rock climbing, large campfires, exploring the beautiful forests of Redlands’ local mountains and participating in environmental service to protect these unique areas. Cost: $325

Southern California Wellness Trip
This trip is a one of a kind experience for new students to explore the 8 dimensions of wellness: Social, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Economic, Physical, Intellectual, Multi-cultural, in a unique way. Participants will experience the 8 dimensions while they travel the Southern California Region. The base camp for this adventure will be the University of Redlands, where we will spend most of our nights and set out from to experience all that Southern California has to offer. Service will be a key component of this trip, serving in both the inner city of LA and the environment surrounding Southern California. While exploring the many dimensions of wellness we will find ourselves visiting famous museums, hiking to the Hollywood sign and the Redlands R, and enjoying Southern California's famous beaches. Cost: $ 325

For more information, please contact Andrew Hollis, Director of Recreation and Director of Outdoor Programs and Intramural Sports at 909-748-8098.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.