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Fall 2011 Fraternities

Students interested in fraternity life have a number of options at Redlands.

Redlands fraternities include the following:

Alpha Gamma Nu 
Nickname: Gamma Nu
Colors: Gold and Black
Year Founded: 1923
Active Members: 30
Current President: Robby Turk

The Men of Alpha Gamma Nu strive to make notable contributions in academics, student government, social activities, Greek leadership, intercollegiate sports and community programs. Alpha Gamma Nu's diverse qualities and interests work together to build a lifetime brotherhood and help strengthen the Greek Community.

Chi Rho Psi
Nickname: Chi Rho Psi
Colors: Red, White, and Black
Year Founded: 1927 (Re-Founded in 2001)
Active Members: 24
Current President: Gabe Segal

Chi Rho Psi was founded on the principles of brotherhood, academics and community service. Chi Rho Psi members are involved in all aspects of the U of R community such as Big Buddies, swimming, football, music and Habitat for Humanity. Activities for community service have included helping the Red Cross during the 2003 wild fires, Hoop Shots at the YMCA, Redlands Recreation Department and sponsoring Health and Fitness Week and Disability Awareness Week.

Chi Sigma Chi
Nickname: Chi Sig's
Colors: Black, Silver, and White
Year Founded: 1936
Active Members: 19
Current President: Kevin Throne

On May 6, 1936, the fraternities of Phi Epsilon and Phi Delta Tau merged to create Chi Sigma Chi. Keeping with the spirit of our founding, the fraternity believes that a brother of Chi Sigma Chi is not expected to give up his personal rights, beliefs or liberties. However, he is expected to maintain the ideals and Spirit of the Fraternity while strengthening the brotherhood through his diversity.

Kappa Sigma Sigma
Nickname: The Birds
Colors: Green and Gold
Year Founded: 1916
Active Members: 31
Current President: Taylor Chapparo

Kappa Sigma Sigma has been working with the campus and the Redlands community for almost 90 years. Volunteer activities include the annual cleaning of the famous Redlands "R" the Loma Linda Children's Hospital "Cardz for Kidz" program and the "Kick the Cancer" soccer tournament. 

Pi Chi
Nickname: Pi Chi
Colors: Royal Purple and Silver
Year Founded: 1909 (Refounded in 2006)
Active Members: 8
Current President: Tommy Leander

The Pi Chi fraternity is the oldest Greek organization on campus of University of Redlands being established in 1909.  With being the oldest comes the great honor of having a deeply and well connected network of Alumni. Pi Chi makes a pledge to make good men greater, to be honest, Gentlemanly and to be their best no matter the situation or circumstance. We take great pride in the fact that several buildings, rooms, and facilities on campus are named after Pi Chi alumni. We welcome all to come visit us at our house, which was built by our brothers in the 1950’s.

Sigma Kappa Alpha 
Nickname: SKA
Colors: Burgundy and Gold
Year Founded: 1947
Active Members: 8
Current President: Kenny Houser

Our strong fraternal bonds stem from the backgrounds, studies and interests of all of our brothers. Our active chapter includes senators, Big Buddies, admission hosts, athletes, community assistants, Johnston students, as well as members who have studied abroad in Washington D.C., England, Spain and Salzburg. As a fraternity we are dedicated to giving back to the communityfrom building houses with Habitat for Humanity to helping with the Special Olympics on campusour brotherhood has provided countless hours of service.

Athletics are an important part of student life.
softball player

The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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