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Fidelity Isonomy Erudition

Name: Fidelity Isonomy Erudition
Nickname: FIE
Colors: Baby Blue, Black, and Silver
Year Founded: 2006
Active Members: 39
Current Co-Executive Chairs: Kara Schwartz & Omar Avila
Advisor: Denise Davis

Fidelity Isonomy Erudition (FIE) is a co-ed siblinghood established to bring students together for community service and a sense of social belonging and awareness.

The organization is built on three pillarsservice, awareness and siblinghood. Students committed to social justice-related issues are particularly encouraged to become involved. Members work to promote campus and communitywide awareness about social justice issues, combat gender binary and to serve the community in ways that address social justice issues, including those created by inequality and poverty.

The group, which was established in 2006, holds a number of annual events, including Cultural Awareness Week, Civil Rights Awareness Week and a service worker appreciation reception. They also co-sponsor Women’s Week and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

FIE has been recognized as the University's Multicultural Organization of the Year and Organization of the Year.

Athletics are an important part of student life.
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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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