The University Humor Outreach Program was formed to help students learn important skills and qualities through fun and interactive skills and qualities through fun and interactive character building, improvisational workshops.

These workshops use humor to promote the development of qualities such as trust, teamwork, leadership, diversity, acceptance, and the importance of keeping an active mind.

UHOP also serves as a humor outreach program for students at the University of Redlands, working to improve the overall atmosphere of the campus. UHOP will put on performances during finals week and at various times throughout the year to demonstrate the importance of a good laugh and a healthy sense of humor.


Fridays @ 2:30 pm


Depends largely on the current workshop, but transportation is always provided.

2017/18 Student Director

Megan Congdon, sophomore and Ashley Somer, sophomore;


Everything we do with the youth is part of an interactive workshop in which we will be teaching valuable life lessons. Youth are encouraged to actively participate, to have a "leave it at the door" attitude and a dedication to having fun.

There is nothing more important to a child than being able to laugh and have fun. It's important for their health as well as their development, and UHOP members are dedicated to showing youth the importance of having a good sense of humor.

Requirements of Members

UHOP members practice once a week for two hours to prepare for various workshops and performances. All members are trained and interviewed in order to be a part of the program.


For inquiries about how to participate as a student of if you would like to set up a workshop, you can email the UHOP directors, at uhop@redlands.edu.

You can always call the CSL office at 909.748.8288 or call the UHOP directors at 909.748.6250.