Associated Students of the University of Redlands

ASUR is more than just four letters. It's the collection of every student at the University of Redlands. ASUR is your CA, your fraternity or sorority sibling, your teammate, and your classmates. It's the Associated Students of the University of Redlands.

Every Redlands student has a voice to be heard. Whether it is a matter of academics, extracurricular activities, or the need for support, ASUR leadership is here to help. The ASUR President, a student elected by a majority of the student body, leads ASUR. The ASUR President also appoints a group of students, ASUR Cabinet, in charge of or represents major student groups, interests, and departments.

In conjunction with Cabinet, ASUR Senate is a group of students elected from each residence hall, and from off campus, meant to assist students their peers when it comes to the ASUR Constitution, and aiding clubs, organizations, and individuals in matters of programming or student success. The third branch, ASUR Judicial, is responsible for reviewing and rewriting the ASUR Constitution, aiding student groups in doing the same for their constitutions, and hearing questions or disputes within ASUR.

ASUR is also responsible for high-quality programming by and for the students. Social Affairs puts on programs such as Fallfest, Homecoming, Zanja Fiesta, and more. Convocations and Lectures is responsible for bringing high-profile speaker to campus to educate and entertain the students and Redlands community.

Other departments (found on the ASUR Cabinet page) are responsible for educating and programming in areas of wellness, service, sustainability, clubs and organizations, diversity and more.

Getting involved in ASUR is easy! Contact any member of ASUR Cabinet to learn more about joining a committee or if you have any questions!