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Associated Students of the University of Redlands

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Redlands students have a strong voice on issues of academics, university policy and related areas. They also are responsible for providing high-quality programming and events that reflect the interests and needs of the campus.

This leadership work is done primarily through the Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR), an organization established to represent students and to help provide engaging, quality on-campus programming. ASUR officers work to communicate with the student body, holding a number of outreach events and maintaining regular office hours.

The ASUR President is responsible for appointing the ASUR Cabinet. Each member of the cabinet is assigned specific responsibilities outlined in the constitution. Together, the cabinet and president work together to meet the diverse desires and needs of students.

While the cabinet and president make up the executive branch of ASUR, the organization also has a judicial branch, which is made up of the ASUR Judicial Council, and the legislative branch, which is made up of the ASUR Senate.

The ASUR budget is provided through student activity fees collected each semester. Cabinet members work to ensure that money is used wisely, and that students receive the best programming possible for the money.

ASUR Constitution

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