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Anderson Hall

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With approximately 200 students coming from a variety of academic backgrounds, Anderson is the largest hall on campus. Students living in Anderson range from first-years to seniors, providing for a unique and integrated living environment. All rooms are suite-style with two rooms sharing one bathroom. Most rooms are double- and triple-occupancy, though there is one quad and some singles. Anderson houses a Music Floor for approximately 60 students who have interests in music. First-year students are encouraged to apply for this community by selecting the corresponding first year seminar on their Student Life application.

Room Size: 13' by 15'

2013-14 Anderson Hall Staff

Brandi Veigh - Assistant Residence Hall Director

McKenzie Wolf - Community Assistant

Samantha Armacost - Community Assistant

Hoku Pidot - Community Assistant (Music Floor)

Kayla Morel - Community Assistant

Alex Cano - Community Assistant

Aubrie Kendall - Community Assistant

Lucas Min - Community Assistant

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