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Mock Trial

Name: Mock Trial
Academic Sponsor: Professor Arthur Svenson

The University of Redlands has been an active member of the American Mock Trial Associations (AMTA) since 1991. During these years, our teams have earned national recognition and prestige for an impressive list of top 10 and top 20 team rankings, in addition to the coveted American Mock Trial Association's Outstanding New Team Award and its Spirit award. Redlands' mock trial participants have won a remarkable number of individual outstanding attorney and witness awards.

While the University's mock trial program is sponsored by the Government Department and Student Life, utterly unique to its rich history and traditions is the fact that our teams are governed and administered entirely by mock trial students themselves. With a season stretching from August through April, including prominent invitational tournaments as well as AMTA-sponsored regional and national tournaments across the country, Redlands' team members are sovereign over captain selections, tryouts, team assignments, role responsibilities, case preparations in their entirety, tournament planning, travel arrangements and a host of related issues. Most arresting in this regard—and virtually unprecedented in the very large world of inter-collegiate mock trial—teams from the University of Redlands do not utilize attorney coaches! Our foundational principle is simple: Redlands' students learn more about courtroom debate activity and theatre after discovering by themselves what works most effectively and why—and without the guiding hand of professional counsel. Because of these core choices, we proudly believe our teams successfully compete at the highest levels against the nation's premiere institutions of high educatio—and in the end, win or lose, our students win.

In the end, mock trial graduates from the University of Redlands rely upon their unique preparatory and competitive experiences not only to enhance more meaningfully the attractiveness of their applications to prestigious law schools—UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, Davis, Loyola of Chicago, Seattle, Arizona State, Pepperdine, McGeorge and San Diego to name but a few—but once admitted, to call upon their special sets of mock trial knowledge to advantage even more fully their law school training and legal careers.

 American Mock Trial Association Website 


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