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How to Refer Someone to Counseling

If you are a University of Redlands administrator, faculty or staff member, we hope this will supply you with useful information in referring students to the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center serves roughly 15% of CAS students in any given year, yet many students who need services do not seek them. Some do not know about the counseling services available on campus. Administrators, faculty and staff, therefore, provide a vital link in connecting students with CC services.

When to refer

Sooner rather than later is a good principle to remember when considering when to make a referral. When students are struggling with psychological problems, course related deadlines often seem to approach very quickly. Additionally, counseling and medication therapies often take several weeks to work. Therefore, it is usually best to refer a student in need sooner rather than later, so that there is time for improvement before major time crunches occur.

Please click here for student guidelines regarding when to seek counseling services.

How to make a referral

Routine referrals
Depending on how busy the student is, most are scheduled with an appointment within a few days to a week. It can take longer if the student has a very busy schedule and wants to see a particular therapist.

Here is the best method for making such referrals:

  • Let students know that they can call or drop by to make an appointment with us
  • Provide them with our info in writing if possible
    • Our number is: 909-748-8108.(We will be happy to supply you with some of our business cards to give to students)
    • We are located on the ground floor of the Armacost library building with our entrance facing west (or in the direction of Melrose, Cortner and the Quad)
  • Let us know that you have referred a student to us. Ask the student if it is OK if you call and let us know that he/she is coming and if you may share with us a little about the reason for the referral.

Urgent Referrals
You may have concerns that a student may be at risk for suicide, harm to others, or may not be able to function unless seen immediately or within a day or so. If so, any of these options are available:

  • Escort a student to the Counseling Center. If you can call and let us know you are coming that would be appreciated.
  • Call and request a crisis appointment for the student. We will see the student as soon as possible.  Crisis appointments are available daily. 
  • Let the student know that a counselor from the Counseling Center is available by phone 24 hours a day. They can access the counselor through any Resident Life staff in their residence hall or through Public Safety.

Navigating Students' Rights to Confidentiality
The Counseling Center operates within very conservative, legally and ethically informed guidelines regarding student privacy. Except when there is imminent danger of self-harm, harm to others, or disclosure of child or elder abuse, we do not disclose counseling or psychiatric student information without the student’s permission. This policy creates a safety net for students so that they can be as honest and open as possible. Here are some important features of this policy that may help facilitate communication:

  • The student can grant permission for the Counseling Center to exchange information with someone and can specify what kind of info is to be shared. For instance, the student may simply allow the Counseling Center to acknowledge that one or more session(s) have been attended.
  • If you need to communicate with the Counseling Center about a student, you can share information with us. While we in most instances cannot respond in kind, we can receive information.
  • If you feel it is important for you to receive information regarding a student, please discuss this with the student who can provide permission at the Counseling Center.

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