Student Life

When to Seek Services

The experiences with college life are rich and rewarding but sometimes the demands can be very stressful. At other times problems outside the college environment make focusing on school difficult. At such times you may benefit from the services of the Counseling Center on campus.

Maybe you are wondering, “Is this problem significant enough to get help?” Bottom line is you do not need to have a serious problem to be seen. For instance, you may simply want to strengthen your skills for handling stress or talk over a dilemma or question.*

Yet, you may be wondering whether it is a good idea to seek assistance for an existing problem or situation. While every situation is unique and it is not possible to say for sure what the best course of action is for you, here are some tips to help you decide whether to make an appointment.

It is a good idea to seek services if:

  • feeling sad, anxious, angry or otherwise distressed is interfering with your ability to focus on school
  • you are thinking of suicide or of hurting someone else
  • you feel sad or hopeless frequently, or for many days in a row
  • you feel your alcohol or drug use is more than you would like or is interfering with school, your relationships or making plans for your future
  • thinking about eating, not eating, or becoming or staying thin absorbs a great deal of your time
  • you are having trouble making friends or fitting in; or being in social settings makes you nervous
  • you have been taking a medication for a psychological condition such as depression, but it is either not working, giving you a problem or you are thinking of not taking it

* Services for students from the School of Business or School of Education are limited to one or two counseling sessions for crisis and referral only.

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